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          Welcome to BYMEA!
          Our Lighting Products
          This is our favorite part of the site, our showcase!
          Our Advantage
          This is our favorite part of the site, our showcase!
          Why Us
          Bymea is a professional supplier of Led green lighting and energy-saving solutions.
          Bymea owns a 60,000m2 manufacturing base and offers OEM and ODM service for global customers.
          Bymea holds multiple patents and has been certified by various organizations from various countries.
          Our Services
          Bymea is dedicated to provide comprehensive solutions for the improvement of customer's market competitive power and economic benefits.
          Stock Code:870393
          Bymea is a highly professional supplier of LED green lighting and energy-saving solutions for Indoor lighting and Vehicle lighting. We also provide OEM and ODM service for worldwide customers.
          Follow Us:
          2019 Grace Solar Awards Ceremony & Year-end Party
          2019 Grace Solar Awards Ceremony & Year-end Party
          Dream as horse, cherish glorious youth.The bells of New Year pealed out; the wheel of time had left a deep imprint. With warm sunshine in the winter and filled with joy, Bymea Group sincerely invited all employees to hold the 2019 Award Convention and Annual Banquet on January 20, 2020, at Xiamen Wutong Fliport Hotel!(Banquet Site)Dream as horse, cherish your glorious youth.There are always some people, who are conscientious, diligent, serious and responsible in their respective positions, work…
          Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) 2019
          Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) 2019
          Exhibition: Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) Date:27-30th October 2019 Address: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition CenterBooth No: 1E-B28Four days’ HK international Lighting fair has closed, staffs from Bymea lighting gain great harvest after four days effort. Every one participated in the fair is thrilled and full of feelings, on the one hand, as the led technology developed, the future of led indoor lighting will surely be bright; On the other hand, Bymea lighting, inc…
          Lightfair International 2019
          Lightfair International 2019
          Exhibition: LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL 2019 Date:21st - 23rd May, 2019 Address: Pennsylvania Convention Center Philadelphia, PA USABooth No: 3125The connected future is yours to discover here: LIGHTFAIR International. The lighting and design industrys source for all that is new and next. Where brilliant solutions in lighting, connectivity, design and integration will unfold in a synergy of light in life. In the unsurpassed resources of the worlds largest annual architectural and commercial lightin…
          Shanghai International Auto Lamp Exhibition
          Shanghai International Auto Lamp Exhibition
          14th Auto Lamp Industry Development Technical forum and the 5th Shanghai International Auto Lamp ExhibitionTime: March 21-22,2019Address:Shanghai Booth No.: T272-2
          AAPEX Show 2018
          AAPEX Show 2018
          BYMEA BOOTH NO.:9411. From Tuesday 30 October to Thursday 1 November 2018. Venue: Sands Expo & Convention Center. City: Las Vegas. Country: United States
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